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Visitors can view our fantastic variety of mid range sunglasses in our online shop. These products are of a higher quality than our budget selection and are made with more superior materials. They also fit the wearer’s face better and provide more protection against sunlight. Mid range products have been produced using good quality plastics and are fitted with 100% UV lenses. Providing a better fit than our lower priced glasses, you will surely see the difference in quality. The displayed prices are higher than our cheap sunglasses collection, reflecting the distinction between both product categories. We understand some customers favour a higher calibre of products, so we offer them at great prices for such customers. For those seeking the best quality eyewear, you may view our premium sunglasses collection.

Our company has operated since 2010 and since then we have consistently provided fantastic mid range sunglasses. We are dedicated to providing you with most sought after products at the best prices possible. The sunglasses we supply include some of the highest selling items on the market. Worn by influential celebrities, our products have proven to be loved by audiences of all ages and genders. Join our journey and fulfil your business needs by registering as an official customer today! Purchase bulk sunglasses online today and get Free UK Mainland Shipping when you order £200 or more. Order a little more stock that exceeds the £250 mark to receive amazing discount rates! Becoming our customer means you can receive your mid range sunglasses quickly and start making sales fast.